Fall Guys PC Fitgirl Repacks Full Version Game Free Download
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Fall Guys PC Setup Full Edition Latest Game Version Free Download

Fall Guys PC Setup Full Edition Latest Game Version Free Download


About This Game Fall Guys of Store in details Review:

Tips, tactics, strategies, and tricks to increase your chances of winning the crown in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a frenetic multiplayer arcade game

Fall Guys is a simplified battle royale, the winner of which is chosen in a very unusual way. At the beginning of each game, a group of 60 gamers is recruited. Then they compete in different modes, over four rounds (the last one is always the final one).

Each time you must be among the participants who move to the next round. For example, during racing races, a counter will be indicated in the upper right corner. Something like 0/39. So: you should be among the first 39 gamers to arrive at the finish line. And so on. But it can also be the other way around: for example, in the mode with rotating rings, the number of players who must be eliminated in this round (that is, fall down) will be shown in the upper right corner of the screen. Thus, your task is to hold out on the rings until the required number of fallen opponents is reached. There are also team modes in which you need to score more points than your opponents (usually one or two teams are eliminated). Maps and modes are randomly selected.

Fall Guys PC Fitgirl Repacks Full Version Game Free Download

Fall Guys PC Setup Full Edition Latest Game Version Free Download

Crowns and laurels

Crowns are awarded for winning the competition (first place), and laurels for any other achievements (passing one, two or three stages). Both currencies are used exclusively to purchase customization items or emotes. No more, no less.

3 golden rules

  1. Have fun. No matter how competitive the game is, there is no need to strain. Relax and enjoy. The rounds do not last that long, so even if you lose, you will quickly return to the game. Sooner or later you will take your first place!
  2. Try to avoid large crowds of characters. As often as possible. Stay as far away from your opponents as possible, as the cause of defeat may be some clumsy gamer who will lead you astray or push you into the wall.
  3. In team games, keep an eye on your team. But remember, no matter how well you play, it will be almost impossible to go further with a bad team.

How to win in Fall Guys

All game modes and maps will be discussed below. We will share the most useful tips that, if not guarantee your qualifications, then at least increase the chances of success.

  • Racing – you need to quickly overcome the obstacle course and be among the qualified participants.
  • During the survival or hunting phases, you need to stand out from other players.
  • In team games, you have to act … in a team.

Race: Breaking Doors

Despite the fact that the competition looks like a lot depends on chance, in fact, you can guarantee the passage to the next round if you use one simple tactic. If you want, you can trust your luck and try to break through different doors, but if you choose the wrong one, you will lose a lot of time. In addition, after that you can still be clamped in an open passage.

However, you can try your luck, but only on the first two sets of doors, where there are more fake passages than real walls. Otherwise, you need to stay slightly behind the other players (small group) and keep a close eye on the situation, reacting quickly to the destroyed walls and flying through them. Use not a normal jump, but a dash forward (CTRL) to fly over crowded gamers and get ahead of them. And at the very end, click on the jerk to not only fall down, but also fly a little further.

Race: Intruders

Your main task in this competition is to keep a close eye on the doors and aim for those that will lower by the time you get close to them. It all depends on the speed at which the doors move, and on the distance to them. Sounds pretty simple. And unlike the previous mode, you should not focus on other gamers. Pick your own moment. And remember that the outer doors in two sets of four fall less often than the others. Therefore, use only the two middle doors on the left or right! Otherwise, you will be wasting your time. At the very end, when you go down the jelly, remember that you need to make a jump in order to jump over the lowered door and not fall into the abyss.

Race: Hit Parade

At the beginning of the competition, you need to run forward on thin cylinders. This is the fastest way, but if you don’t want to bother, you can jump down into the jelly and get out on the other side. Further, it is advisable to move in a group with other players, since here you will have to rotate the blades, and if you split into two groups and push the blades from two sides, then it will simply stand still. This will take a lot of time. Next will be a bridge with pendulums. If you want, you can move along the left or right edge, as there will be fewer opponents. However, it is easier to fall down from here.

And in the end, you need to bypass moving obstacles, contact with which will slow down the player. A similar effect will occur if you touch an opponent. Here you can pull opponents by the waist, but most players do not do this, as this is a waste of time.

Race: Pinwheel

The easiest competition in the game, allowing you to easily advance to the next round. We must act quickly and bypass all the rotating rods in time. Stay away from crowds, as if you fall, it may take time to get back up. When you get close to the first propeller, instead of jumping from the yellow trampolines in the crowd, go to the wall and climb it with the right mouse button.

Fall Guys PC Setup Full Edition Latest Game Version Free Download
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