Enlisted PC Setup Full Edition Latest Game Version Free Download

Enlisted iOS Setup Full Edition Latest Game Version Free Download


About This Game Enlisted of Store in details Review:

Enlisted is a first-person multiplayer tactical shooter that takes you back to World War II to engage in exciting massive battles. The setting is World War II. But unlike many other projects, here players are offered not the usual confrontation between two teams on small maps, but full-fledged combat operations, participation in the war using ground equipment, military aircraft, infantry, and everything else. In other words, if you decide to download Enlisted via torrent for free and start playing, you will be in a real war.

And the main feature of this game is that players are invited to fight here on the battlefield side by side with soldiers under the control of artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, it seems that hundreds of soldiers are participating in one battle, and thanks to this, the entertainment of everything that happens just rolls over. At the same time, there can only be ten live players on the battlefield on each side. And the player himself can always take control of a soldier at any time, which was on the battlefield and became available. For example, you can take control of a tanker who is in a tank, or a bomber pilot, or an ordinary infantryman who is in a trench. There are more than enough options.

Enlisted PC Setup Full Edition Latest Game Version Free Download
Enlisted iOS Setup Full Edition Latest Game Version Free Download

Thus, playing one match, each player can try himself in different roles, which is pretty good. Moreover, each role is important in its own way, and each offers something different.

Another advantage of Enlisted is the wide variety of content recreated according to real historical data. For example, take small arms. You will have the widest range of weapons at your disposal, including even the legendary Mosin rifle, and all weapons look, shoot, and behave in action very realistically.

Technology also deserves special attention. At your disposal will be realistically recreated tanks, like the same IS-2, armored vehicles for infantry, assault vehicles, fighters, and more. And as you level up, you can use the local currency to purchase even premium and rarer types of rifle units, samples of military equipment, and much more.

Pumping here is also full of features. For example, we are not talking about the leveling of a specific character, hero, but about the development of the entire account in its entirety. A whole detachment of soldiers is at the disposal of the players, and even several detachments, and in total their members will develop in the course of pumping. Each character can get upgrades and new types of weapons for campaign levels, for example, new skills for combat experience, and more.

Game features:
– Exciting battles involving hundreds of combat units;
– Realistically recreated military equipment from the Second World War;
– A variety of weapons for each of the 12 classes of units;
– Huge maps with realistic environment;
– A well-thought-out system for pumping entire squads of units of different specializations;
– Achievements, special modes. premium content.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 660 / AMD Radeon 78XX series, DirectX 11
  • Disk space: 12 GB

Trailer Of The Enlisted:

Enlisted iOS Setup Full Edition Latest Game Version Free Download

How to Download the Game in 5 simple steps:

1.Click on the “Download Game” button for a complete installation.
2. Download Installer setup (NOTE: This setup is supported resumable download).
3. Open the Enlisted Installer, Click Next, and choose the directory where to Install.
4. Let it Download the Enlisted in the specified directory of your Device.
5. After that Run the Enlisted and Enjoy Playing the Full Version Game.


As a result:
If you face any problems in Running “Enlisted” then please feel free to comment down below. In conclusion, to sum up, in short, we will reply as soon as possible.

Enlisted iOS Setup Full Edition Latest Game Version Free Download

As a result, it fell over the:

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